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Chapter 2: Riddle Me This... [08 Jun 2005|02:44pm]

Discriptive as I can be. Hear I am. Alone in an island, where booze runs free. Look for us, that's right Kyle and me.
pour a cup of coffee

Hey man... [27 May 2005|12:44pm]

That sucks you got thrown out, but power to ya for trying this sort of thing, and good luck on your future attempts. I keep thinking about doing something similar, but I'm not sure my arteries could handle it. :)

Tho' I do have one request... would you mind not using my graphics or name? Thanks.

- P7A77 | Project: Denny's

I'm sorry....FUCK OFF! [22 May 2005|09:53pm]

To all those people who are pissed off because we did not deliver what you expected, get over it. We did this for our own fucking benifit and we got exactly what we wanted out of it. A shit load of good memories. There are plenty of people who were there with us during the 17 hours we were there, and they can vouch that we were having a kick ass time. So, for future reference: If we don't do what you like then you have two options, 1. FUCK OFF or 2. FUCK OFF and DIE (ala mode, of course).

[18 May 2005|07:49pm]

Okay people, here it is. The update you've been waiting for...

So this is what happened.

When the morning crew came around Anthony told us that the GM (General Manager) was showing up soon, so we decided to clean up and look respectable...No avail. We got ass creamed. In the pooper. We were told to leave, so we did. And went to the Denny's at Jantsen Beach. While there, we were told that we needed to leave soon. As far as we could tell, the GM from Hazel Dell called the manager there and told them about our plans....BITCH! So, Kyle and I contempalated for a few and decided that it was in our best interest to piss off these people as much as we could, so we went back to the Hazel Dell Denny's and sat there until we started getting looks. After that, and after our cigarette stash was depleted, we decided to roam around vancouver. That's when another idea came to us. So we grabbed my guitar, 2 other people, and a sign stating "Keep off the grass". We pulled up outside of Denny's, pulled out the guitar, and started screaming at the top of our lungs about how the GM of Denny's raped us as babies. As you can imagine we couldn't stay long....So, Kyle and I split up to wreak more havoc. Kyle and Austin went around town yelling at people, and Sunshine and I went to Home Depot and bought several supplies....Supplies which would later make us a Hookah.

Next Chapter after Starwars Episode 3....If you read this, come down to 99th St. Cinemas in Hazel Dell and give us a yell. We're watching it at 12:01AM in Auditorium 2.

[15 May 2005|11:08am]

Okay, I'll start putting pictures up as soon as I find my cable.....Things went horibbly wrong, and I'm way to fucking tired to explain it all right now, but I will...I will.

Oh shit. Bitch - r - us....... [14 May 2005|06:58am]

So it seems that the GM of Denny's never got word of our little excursion, so as soon as the morning crew came on, Project: Denny's got shut down. WAIT! Before you start hating us, never fear, we don't get scared that easily. SO! We're moving to the next denny's. Jantsen Beach, Oregon. STILL right on the i-5 corridor. Give us a ring and tell us what you think. 13607720946. We are working hard to keep our promise to you.....

Props to Youn Chin from Tokyo, Japan. He made the top of our list for furthest distance of people who called us! Way to go, Youn!

Going strong, bitches! [14 May 2005|04:24am]

Goning good....Sunny and I went and picked up a couple more packs, and we met up with some people I haven't seen in about 3 years, which is always cool. Well, we are going to post again soon....Let me know what you want to hear from us!!! We are going to order a Moon over My Hammy tomorrow just for you people who wanted us too!
pour a cup of coffee

Well, off to a great start! [13 May 2005|09:22pm]

Well, Kyle and I are sitting at denny's, well Kyle is. I drove down to Starbucks, so that I could update. This is shit. The wireless signal that we thought we got was fake...it wasn't connected to the internet! Bah, oh well. Here's the gist of it. Kyle is paying about 1 cent for every coffee according to the math, and we've already managed to smoke a ton of cigs! We got a call from some guy in lousianna and that was cool!

I'm currently passing the time using Soundtrack to make music....I'm making a song every hour and I plan on putting together a CD of them. If you would like one, you can either buy one for 5 bucks, or stop by denny's this weekend and pay 1 dollar! I'll upload a sample...Pretty good car tunes if you ask me! Anyways, I'll try to post more, but that involves me leaving, which is breaking the rules. If you want to see how we're doing, give me a ring 13607720946!

Hour 1 - Get Your Grove On can be found here.

it's in AAC format, so you'll need iTunes or something that plays that format.

DOWNLOAD SONG HERE Right click it and say Save As..

dennys.vancouverprojects.com [13 May 2005|04:27pm]

So Kyle and I discussed this, and we decided it was worth the 3.99$ that it would cost to buy a domain. So, we bought vancouverprojects.com. You will be able to find ALL of our weird ass shit there, so WAAATCH OUT!

You can find the Project: Denny's site at http://dennys.vancouverprojects.com . We will be posting pictures there when this all starts in.......32 minutes....

[13 May 2005|01:00pm]

Oh god....only 4 hours until go time...er, sit time I guess. Who's gonna be there I wonder? If ya are, give me a post!

Fundage..... [13 May 2005|06:05am]

Okay, so I wasn't planning on doing this, but since it was suggested by someone ELSE, I figured it can't hurt.

Things seem to be coming together. [12 May 2005|08:33pm]

I went with kyle today to CompUSA and picked up some Bawls, Bawls mints (?), and a wireless range extender. We then went to Cigarette City and picked up a FUCK LOAD of cigs. We seem to be all set now, which is good.

I've gotten alot of positive feedback from people about what we are doing, and props to "Auztin" for givin' me a buzz. Anyways, just to recap, we are going to be there at 5PM tomorrow, so get ready bitches. It's going to be so insane, kyle and I are going to probably kill each other....on Bushido Blade that is!

PS: if anybody has a Webcam that is compatible with a Apple G4 let me know, We want to do the denny's live broadcast thing.

CH?? Really? [12 May 2005|11:24am]

Well, I'd like to say that I'm totally surprised that we made it on College Humor this fast. I've only had this community going since Tuesday, which to say the least, is quite awesome considering that time frame.

I would like to know how it got there, who tipped them off?

T - 32 Hours and counting.... [12 May 2005|08:27am]

So today Kyle and I are going to go down to CompUSA and purchase a wireless repeater. The
reason? Denny's has a rogue wireless signal SOMEWHERE inside...Not quite sure where it's at,
and also not quite sure how much signal it has. So we are going to cover our white litte
asses with a range extender.

More over, today we also get to go to random places in Jantsen Beach looking for supplies.
Cigarettes are going to be a must, but we are going to see if there is anything else we
might need.

Once we get the wireless thing working, make sure to check back here every so often for
updates. We'll try and do them frequently, but if we get shitty-coffee posioning, there
is no telling what might happen.

pfelon: Yes we will...Sort of. We have budgeted enough for the weekend, but we're not sure
how much they will let us get away with. And to tell you the truth, we don't really care.

elchris: This will be taking place at the Denny's on Mill Plain in Vancouver, WA.

Spiffy (Anonymous): Yes we have, and no we wont. Not yet at least. The whole reasoning behind
this goes as follows:

KYLE: "Oh, man. You're never going to believe what I got for 30 bucks!"
MILES: "What? A midget?"
KYLE: "Better, a PSOne screen"
MILES: "Shit! That's fuckin' awesome!"

--Kyle and Miles spend 3 hours plyaing bushido blade in his car, until they realize that
they had seen a AC plug at Denny's, thus they head over there, and decide to sit down and
play for another 2 hours. Until.....--

KYLE: "Man, I bet we could live here now."
MILES: "Damn straight, shitty coffee and GTA!"
KYLE: "Ah, man, if only we didn't have lives..."
MILES: "Kyle, we dont."
KYLE: "Yeah, I know, so do you think they'll let us bring this to the hookah bar?"
MILES: "No, but these denny's folk are pretty lax, I'm sure they'd just keep refilling the coffee for us the entire week if we never left."

Kyle and Miles stare at each other.....

MILES: "Kyle, what are you doing this weekend?"


Mindydaugherty: We won't. We made some prior arrangments.

is it on the menu? (Anonymous): We'll definently take a look. If it's there, we'll order one
just for you!

Supplies [10 May 2005|10:18pm]

So, if you haven't heard, Kyle Uptmor and I (Miles Smith) are going to spend the weekend (May 13-15) at Denny's on Mill Plain. We have compiled a list of things that we are taking and also a list of "rules". Here they are:

- Toothbrush and Toothpaste
- Cigarettes (Kyle and I have decided to make this our final smoking weekend)
- Pillow
- Computer (How else are we going to keep you fine folk updated? and yes, denny's does mysteriously have wireless internet)
- PSOne with Screen (So we don't get entirely bored out of our minds)
- Sony PSP


- Once we enter Denny's we are not allowed to leave, for anything!
- One of us has to be awake at all times (as to avoid getting kicked out)
- Everything we take has to fit into two (2) backpacks

We would sure love some company if anyone would like to come visit us over our weekend stay at denny's. Feel free to bring us anything you desire, as we are limited by our own rules as to what we can. Cigarettes would be grand seeing as how after sunday we will not be smoking anymore!

Leave your comments or ideas if you have any!

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